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Health & Wellness Professionals

Engaging with patients and clients is more important now than ever. Offer a connected, digital health platform to identify, measure, and ultimately optimize outcomes.


Healthy employees are happy employees. Increase your workforces' health and wellness so that they can live active and vibrant lives. Utilize Collaborate Care to not only facilitate healthy behaviors but also measure ROI in healthcare offerings.

Diabetes Prevention Programs

Understanding, planning, and implementing the CDC's DPP is difficult. Decrease the time, energy, and money required to provide a dynamic lifestyle modification program with an automated program tailored for your specific program.


Distinguish your services in a competitive marketplace. Collaborate Care complements insurance products with an exceptional consumer experience that provides a data-driven, personalized healthcare technology solution.

Health Plans

Now that members are savvy healthcare consumers, they expect better service and value. Offer your members an exciting digital health option that significantly improves their experience with your plan while encouraging them to adopt the habits that improve their health.

Certified Health Professionals

Digital health platform that supports health and wellness programs

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